My 3rd Blog Assignment




We all know that most of people today are enjoying in the world of technology and almost of them are enjoying in availing the different social media just like Facebook , Twitter and other social networking sites. Social media is very important especially in building a business because it is the  one key in which the people who are engaged in business are easy to interact customers and reach out to new markets.The reasons why social media is important nowadays it is because social media can increases websites traffic in which the customers visit your site and they can learn about your products and services. The second reason is social media helps you create a personality for your business in which you can do what you want just like in using advertisement about your products as long as you have a confident in yourself, post frequently and respond to your customer online. The third reason is social media can reward your customers with discounts in which it is easy for you to reach out your customers. You can use your twitter or Facebook account to get more people in your store. The fourth reason is social media can makes it easier to generate buzz in which it can gives you a chance to generate buzz without spending much money and you can spread a video with your social network channels to get more people interested in your business. The fifth reason is social media can brings in customer with Geolocation in which you might send them a coupon for one of your services or products. Even if the person doesn’t take advantage of the offer, it still reminds their that your business is there and going strong. The sixth reason is social media can  helps you connect with other businesses in which you can make a profile for yourself in LinkedIn and making those connections that could benefit you in unexpected ways in social media.

For me, it is good for the business people who are used Facebook as their social media in which they can  easily reach out their products. Because in Facebook, you can do what you want, just like posting your products to your friends and to the other Facebook user just to make them easy to find out what products they want and for the business people in getting more customers.